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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Hoffman hosts weekly radio show

Last semester, Bob Hoffman, Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball team at Mercer and Rick Cameron, “The Voice of the Bears” began a radio show entitled The Bob Hoffman Radio Show. Hoffman and Cameron join at Margaritas to host a live show every Tuesday night at 6 p.m.
Hoffman and Cameron will host the show every Tuesday from now until the Atlantic Sun Tournament on March 6-9. The format of the show is an open forum question and answer session. Fans are able to submit questions through Twitter, email, or by sending text messages.
Apart from answering questions, Hoffman and Cameron discuss several topics related to the basketball team such the upcoming games of the season and the current state of the team. They also discuss how they are currently preparing for the teams upcoming games. Other topics discussed on the show include locations and times for upcoming games.
The intention of the show is to get more students involved, as well as keep them informed of the upcoming games this season. Coach Hoffman and Cameron also promote the team’s upcoming games on the show.
Coach Hoffman and Cameron’s radio show made its debut last semester on November 6, 2012. “It started the first week of January and now it’s every week until the conference tournament,” said Cameron. The show is the result of a partnership between Mercer Athletics, Clear Channel Broadcasting Inc., and Margaritas.
When asked how successful the show was, Cameron responded with “I think every week its gotten better, we get more inquiries, more questions”. Coach Hoffman said, “I think it’s been great, we’ve got a lot of interest, a lot of questions.”
Coach Hoffman has coached at several colleges before Mercer and each had their own radio or television station. Coach Hoffman said, “I think it’s important to use any media outlet you can to promote your program, to promote what you’re trying to accomplish, gets people to the games. It’s all part of the success.”
Apart from cohosting the Bob Hoffman Radio Show, Cameron also hosts Inside Mercer Basketball. The show is a web series available on Mercer University’s Athletic Department website. Wild Wings Café sponsors the series and serves as a filming location.
The series provides more details into the experiences of Mercer’s Basketball Team. The first episode focuses on some of the team’s past games and Hoffman provides some details into the games, the schools they played at, and where the team goes after the tournament is finished.
According to Cameron, Inside Mercer Basketball is different from the radio show, in that it focuses on specific topics, rather than questions submitted by fans. “Rather than entertaining what somebody might ask as far as a general question, we’ll go ahead and specifically talk about the past two games, interview the player, interview a coach, and look ahead at next week’s games.”
Hoffman officially began coaching for Mercer’s Basketball team in the spring of 2008. Since he began coaching, Mercer’s team has broken several school records. In the 2011-2012 seasons, Mercer gained its most wins in one season and its most points scored.
Cameron, referred to as Mercer’s “Voice of the Bears” is the Senior Assistant Vice President for Marketing Communications at Mercer University. His duties at Mercer University include providing radio play-by-play for the men and women’s basketball teams, the baseball teams, softball, and the upcoming football games.
The Bob Hoffman Radio show is available online through Fox Sports 1670 on at 6p.m. every Tuesday night. Mercer Basketball fans are allowed to sit in during the broadcasts at Margaritas if they desire to.


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