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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024
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Getting a job for life... or maybe just the summer

The time to get a job is here and there are certain ways to go about successfully attaining those jobs. No matter how far away you are from getting your degree, you need to start thinking about getting a job. Whether it’s just a summer job or your dream career, a few pointers will help push you in the direction you want to go.
Know how to target your job search. There are many skills and qualifications you may not have thought about that could be relevant toward getting a job. Don’t sell yourself short. Have confidence in yourself and in your work. Figuring out what job you want with the company you want is important in narrowing down the vast amount of options. “Especially in liberal arts majors, there’s a whole lot more that they’re qualified to do beyond their majors,” said Stephen Brown, associate dean of Student Services. “So the first thing a person has to do is figure out how they want to target their job search.”
Strategically prepare job application materials and start early. Create your résumé and cover letter specifically for the job you are applying for. Include work experience that you think would help show your professional talents and skills. It’s important to also apply early enough to actually get the job. How early depends on the job you want and what work it is. “We recommend it’s going to take six to nine months oftentimes to get those interviews started,” Brown said.
You have an interview ready, now what? Employers want a genuine sense of enthusiasm about your ability to do the job. Again, have confidence. Grabbing an employer’s attention often requires you to be confident and “comfortable in your own skin.” Answer questions during the interview as fully and completely as you can. Make sure before going into an interview that you know enough about the company you want to work for. Some good research and overall knowledge about the job is impressive. Present yourself in a way that portrays how you will be a positive influence to the company. Think of answering these two questions: “What do you know about the employer’s company?” and “Why do you want to work for them?”
Dress for success! Technology such as Skype and smart phones have definitely changed the way interviews are orchestrated. It’s always a good idea to dress up for an interview, even if it’s a phone interview. “We’ve heard some recruiters say it definitely puts you in a more professional mood if you’re doing the phone interview wearing something nice as opposed to wearing your flip-flops and shorts,” Brown said. On Skype interviews, definitely dress professionally since you are actually going to be seen. For boys, you can wear a full professional suit and tie, but you can also get by with a pair of nice pants and a blazer. For girls, change it up a bit more. You can wear a full suit with a pencil skirt, or a nice pair of slacks and a blouse would be just as good.
Start looking for a job now especially if you want one for the summer. Be sure to contact Career Services to help you put together your resume and cover letter as soon as possible.

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