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Saturday, Jan 28, 2023

Cuisine Critiques With Molly: Jonah’s

Molly McWilliams Wilkins/ Cluster Staff
Molly McWilliams Wilkins/ Cluster Staff

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Molly McWilliams Wilkins/ Cluster Staff

I have to admit it—I put this article off. My schedule always seems to catch up with me at the last minute and I’m rushing to put out an article in the only five minutes I have to spare. Between being a mom to two very en- ergetic kids, starting a business and hiring interns, maintaining a blog, starting grad school and working as the local editor for this paper—whew! And that doesn’t even cover everything.

So when I was driving home from my second graduate class meeting on the Atlanta campus, it hit me that I could make a slight detour to Forsyth and hit up Jonah’s on Johnston to cover this article.

I’ve eaten Jonah’s pizza many times but not in their actual location. You see, they’ve brought pizza to the Wesleyan Market many times and it usually hits the spot—especially right when my kids have realized they haven’t had lunch yet and are super whiny. They also make this amazing homemade bread. Give up carbs for a diet? Yeah right, as if!

I made the detour into Historic Forsyth to mosey on along to East Johnston street and found I wasn’t the only one catching a late 3 p.m. lunch. I was also greeted with an array of homemade breads and figured I really should take some home. I ordered, along with my pepperoni pizza, a loaf of Bleu Cheese Multigrain bread as well as a small apple pie. I’m pretty sure they thought I had lost my mind until they saw my camera. (The camera generally gives away the fact that I am writing an article.)

The young lady assisting me suggested I try their Blush sauce, which is a mix of their white and red sauces. I generally like to go with whatever the staff suggest, so I tried it.

I can’t say I regretted the decision at all. The blush sauce had a light taste to it but still more than enough flavor to satisfy. I had to go ahead and eat two slides right there before making my way home. They were even nice enough to throw in a brownie for my wait. 

The Bleu Cheese Multigrain bread was pretty awesome as well, with just enough cheese in it to add a taste but not so much as to overwhelm. It was really great with the spaghetti and Arrabiatta sauce I made for dinner later that evening.

Oh and the apple pie? Let me just say, I’m not a pie person, unless it’s chocolate or something with a graham cracker crust. Fruit pies just never have done it for me. This was so good that I even had to say, “Screw my workout later that evening,” and devour it at midnight (with vanilla ice cream too!).

Forget that I’m over 30 and can literally gain pounds overnight. It was worth it. I haven’t checked myself on the scales yet, but I’m waiting until I can get to the gym to do that.

I would definitely suggest making the drive to Forsyth to grab lunch or dinner at Jonah’s. They also have a fantastic beer selection, and Forsyth itself also brags the second location for Ashley Marie’s boutique, so you can get some shopping in as well.

As an aside, do you think you have what it takes to be our next food writer? Be sure to email your writing samples to me!


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