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Sunday, Dec 5, 2021

Mercer Couples

Raymond Ko & Shirlie Yiu

Shane Harper / Cluster Staff

Raymond is a junior, Shirlie is a freshman.

How did you two meet?

Raymond: We actually met in the UC.


During Bear Fair.

What do you do on dates?

Shirlie: We usually eat dinner and watch a movie

Raymond: We usually walk around the park everyday. Last weekend, we ate dinner and saw “Frozen” together.

What did you two do for Valentine’s Day?

Raymond: We ate dinner together and then went shopping downtown for a balloon. However, it took us two hours to find one because it was late, so either most of the stores were closed or no one was there to fill a balloon!


Tam Phuong & Ellie Pham

Shane Harper / Cluster Staff

Both Tam and Ellie are juniors.

How did you meet each other?

Ellie: So during our freshman year while at Mercer, we met each other while the movie “Grease” was being played on the lawn. Of course, I’d already seen it, but Tam had not seen it yet. So he comes up to me and he’s all like: “Oh hey! What’s this movie about?” and he’s trying to be all friendly and stuff. However, I thought he was trying to pick me up or hit on me so I was kinda being rude to him and he’s like: “Oh...well...ok then...”

Tam: She was being the b word to me…

What do you do when you go on dates?

Ellie: Hmmmmm, what do we do Tam?

Tam: Ellie and I like to try new things. We always go to different culture restaurants and pick something random from the menu; we call that a good date.

Ellie: I like exploring places

What did you two do for Valentine’s Day?

Ellie: We played video games. I finally got my first kill on League of Legends with Ashe! I was very excited and Tam was coaching me the whole time so I could play, because I’m such a noob

Tam: And we went to Olive Garden.

Ellie: And we finished it off by watching a movie!


Shane Harper / Cluster Staff

Emily Saxe & Brad Almand

Emily Saxe is currently a sophomore, Brad Almand graduated last fall.

How did you two meet?

Brad: We met through mutual friends, and it was kind of an arranged thing for me to meet her. One of our mutual friends had experience with EDS [Ehlers-Danlos syndrom] , which Emily had just been diagnosed with fairly recently. And I showed up to meet her after they had that discussion. Upon meeting her, I knew that we clicked and had similar interests. Not only did I find her beautiful, but her personality and values were the things that I really valued. I knew at that moment that she was a very special girl, and I wanted to get to know her even more.

What do you do for dates?

Emily: We usually go to McDonald’s for our dates... just kidding. We’ve been to a couple movies, and he likes to take me to really nice restaurants pretty frequently. He spoils me!

How did you spend Valentine’s Day together?

Emily: We had our Valentine’s Day dinner at the Tik Tok Room in downtown Macon. We originally had reservations somewhere in Atlanta (it was supposed to be a surprise), but the ice storm said no. On the actual day, he surprised me in the morning with a dozen roses and a lot of chocolate! Later we exchanged gifts and went downtown because he had to DJ at The Wall. It was definitely the best Valentine’s Day that I’ve ever had!



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