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Thursday, Jun 8, 2023
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Corner Concert to be held at abandoned Shriner Temple

Corner Concerts
Corner Concerts

What makes a concert successful? Is it the balanced enigma of polished musical acts? Perhaps it’s the nuance and adornment of creative venues? It could even be as simple as having an energetic, lively and devoted crowd. Andrew Eck believes in a synthesis of all these factors, each critical to pulling off an event that will produce change in the greater culture of the community. Coming up this Saturday, Eck and his colleagues with the Corner Concert series will be putting on their third concert of the semester. Already a popular event among Mercer and Macon crowds, this tertiary concert holds immense promise.
One of the most impressive exploits of the Corner Concerts is its ambitious transformation of unseemly downtown spots into exciting and legitimate venue locations. The next scene is the abandoned Shriner Temple, across from City Hall on Poplar Street. You’ve likely passed it by many times, but now you have the rare chance to enter this ominous and exotic space. Built in 1929, the same year as the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, the Temple is thoroughly decorated with Egyptian decal and hieroglyphs. Being entirely emptied out, the massive space truly resembles the interior of an ancient cavernous structure. Luckily enough, it happens to be perfect for a live concert-- possessing a stage, a bar and plenty of open space for crowds to feel comfortable. Truly a remarkable find, this venue will be sure to impress.
Of course, what would the Corner Concerts be without a fabulous line-up consisting of the best acts that Georgia has to offer? The headliner for the evening is New Madrid, an impressive Indie-Rock group with something to offer everyone. They hail from Athens, and anyone who considers themselves a buff of the Georgia music scene must know this group. Opening is White Violet and 100 Watt Horse. The former is another fantastic indie band from Athens, and the latter a one-man solo project delivering feel-good vibes from Atlanta.
These Corner Concerts are always a blast, and this one is sure to be fiery. Whether you’re in need of some inspiration, time away from finals prep or just need something to do, this concert will be one to remember. As usual, a ticket comes with free cover and one free drink at the Hummingbird, who is also catering drinks during the concert.
The Shriner Temple is located at 745 Poplar St and music begins at 7:30p.m. on Dec. 6.Tickets can be bought online at, or from Andrew Eck and any of the other members of the crew. Visit the website for any further info on this awesome concert series.


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