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Friday, Sep 22, 2023
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Construction disturbs convenient parking for Mercer Students

One day on campus and it’s already begun: the scramble for an empty spot.

You may have noticed all of the construction with dread — that can’t be good for parking, right? Perhaps. But knowing where you’re supposed to park is half the battle. In the race for a space, where the course is covered in or- ange cones, it pays to know where you won’t get a ticket.

According to Mercer Police, the association between residence hall and decal color is not the same as it was last year; rather than res- idents in certain halls parking in certain lots, all students living on campus will have a red decal. All red decals are allowed in the parking lots behind residence halls, so a freshman liv- ing in Plunkett could park in the Adams/Win- ship lots without any penalty.

This will simplify parking for those students living in the freshmen residence halls who may be unable to park in their closest lot due to construction of the new residence hall.

Faculty, staff and commuters will share the lots marked with purple and green found spo- radically throughout the interior of campus.

The lots marked in blue, primarily located on the edge of campus near the main entrance on Mercer University Drive, are open to everyone.

Yellow lots are for those students living in the Mercer Lofts.

According to Mercer Police, there are some specific adaptations to keep in mind for the month of August:

1. Yellow decals areas only — enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week

2. Auxiliary services lot now open to all decals except yellow decals

3. Student Center lot is for visitors, Green and Purple Decals

4. Mercer Village lots are for yellow decals, Mercer Village employees and Mercer Village customers only

5. The baseball field is open to all decals


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