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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024
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5 things to do during Fall Break

Sophomore Caroline Kittrell is planning a road trip to New Orleans over fall break with some friends.
Sophomore Caroline Kittrell is planning a road trip to New Orleans over fall break with some friends.

With the first round of major tests just behind us, fall break could not come at a better time. However, after this weekend, the next break is over a month away for Thanksgiving. So while it may be tempting to spend the weekend on campus or at home, try to make this break one to hold you out until November. Whether you’re looking for something simple or want to go all out, here are a few ideas of how to spend your fall break.



There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending your fall break at home or on campus. Some of the most relaxing weekends are those without a single activity planned. It can be nice to take a break from the noise and hustle of a typical school week.

Take this opportunity to dedicate the weekend to doing whatever will make you most relaxed and prepared to start the next week.

If that means catching up on studying in the library, go for it. If you need to run around town doing errands you’ve pushed to the back burner these last few weeks, make sure your tank is full. Whatever you do, make sure it’s the way you want to spend your weekend. If you do, you won’t have a bad one.


Day Trip

If you decide to stay in Georgia, whether that’s at home or on campus, there are still several fun ways to break up the long weekend.

From the Georgia Zoo to Six Flags, a trip to Atlanta promises a variety of locations and activities. In a single day you could hop from the BeltLine, to the High Museum, and make it in time for dinner at the Varsity. You may feel like a tourist, but a long weekend is a great excuse to cross all of the tasks off your Atlanta bucket list.

But, if you’re staying on campus, don’t forget about Macon. If you still haven’t made your way to the museums downtown or some of the nature sites nearby, take advantage of this break and explore your city.


Big Events

If you want to kick your day trip up a notch, spend it going to an event rather than a destination. There are plenty of opportunities both locally and out of state to enjoy your weekend this way.

The Georgia State Fair, located at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, will be in full swing over the break. With petting zoos, carnival rides, and magic shows it may take more than just a single day to get through all this event has to offer.

Farther away and more expensive, the Austin City Limits music festival begins Oct. 6 and features artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Head and The Heart, and Tove Lo. Tickets are still available online. Attending a music festival or another large event, is a memorable way to spend the break.


Road Trip

If you don’t want your fall break exploration to be confined to city limits, use the weekend to organize a road trip with some friends.

The only limit to a trip like this one would be your budget and your imagination. Cities like Nashville, New Orleans, and Charleston are not too far and would provide a nice change of setting. If you’re looking to leave the city life altogether, there are several locations with a beautiful view. If the weather stays as it is now, a nearby beach or even a trip to the mountains would be a great destination.

Trips like these would fuel stories that could be told over a lifetime, don’t let the planning required scare you from taking a weekend like this on.


Disney World

I’m not kidding.

If you’re looking to go all out, there is no bigger place than the Magic Kingdom. There are several types of packages available online. Given that life as a Mercer student can become a little stressful, it may just take the happiest place on earth to relax over this break.

Fall break is a perfect opportunity to break free of the boring routine of a typical school week. If that means road tripping to Orlando or just chilling at home, so be it. The break is whatever you make of it, so spend it your own way.


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