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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

Bear Bites: Momma Goldberg’s Deli

The cuban sandwich is served with three different meats.
The cuban sandwich is served with three different meats.

Mercer Landing has attracted new restaurants as well as local and national chains. For Mercer students, especially those living at the Lofts at Mercer Landing, restaurants in this prime location are always appealing.

One such restaurant is the small chain Momma Goldberg’s Deli. Momma G’s has a menu full of a variety of deli sandwiches, as well as their famous nachos.

Peter Garcia
The buff nachos use doritos and buffalo chicken.

The Good:

The Groupon Deal

All the sandwiches at Momma G’s are normally $6. With Groupon, that price gets cut in half, so for only $3, one can get any sandwich on the menu.

“The Groupon deal made it worth it to me,” said Peter Garcia, photographer.

Peter Garcia
The buffalo chicken wrap is served toasted and with a side of ranch.

The Questionable:

The Food

The “famous” nachos were actually just Doritos covered with cheese and peppers. The best way I can describe the nachos is that they taste exactly like how they look.

We certainly did not let the nachos go to waste, but for their price, it is hard to say that they were worth it.

The sandwiches had steamed meat, which although had a nice texture, the overall quality and flavor was only fair.

I thought my sandwich had way too much mayonnaise, and sophomore David Stokes’ sandwich was made with chicken when he asked for beef.

Peter Garcia
The cuban sandwich is served with three different meats.

The Bad:

The Price (without Groupon)

If the Groupon deal were out of the picture, it costs about $10 to get a sandwich plus chips and a drink.

“The food is better than Which Wich, but that’s not saying much, and I would rather spend my meal plan dining dollars on Which Wich than pay real money for this,” said sophomore James Smith.

Overall, our experience at Momma Goldberg’s can be summed up in Stokes’s words, “It was uninspiring.” Everything you could get there you could get better quality somewhere else, or even making sandwiches at home.

Although there is some merit to a simple restaurant that makes simple food for a fair price, I see little to no reason to go to Momma G’s other than the Groupon deal.



Will 2/5

Peter 3/5


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