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Friday, Oct 15, 2021

Migos give out a second attempt to contributing to the “Culture”

There is no rap group currently that can captivate an entire market better than Migos can. What I find so interesting about them is that they have tapped into their own niche of rap music. The Migos’ career is at an all-time high.

All of the members have contributed to their continued media coverage. Quavo is independently featured on numerous songs, Offset is engaged to the wildly relevant Cardi B and Takeoff has us all wondering whether or not he was really left off of “Bad and Boujee.”

The influence Migos have had on the growing culture of popular hip-hop is undeniable, but their one setback has been their completed projects. Their most recent album, “Culture II,” was better than “Culture” but didn’t meet the expectations I’ve had.

Migos have had great success because of their extremely popular singles and songs they’re featured in. Songs like “Stir Fry,” “Walk It Talk It” and “MotorSport” all helped with the overall quality of the album.

These songs have risen in popularity and ultimately increased the expectations for the entire album. It’s normal for artists to release some of the best songs off their albums as singles, but I think this has an adverse effect on the success of Migos’ albums.

When listeners like me hear really exciting and dance-inducing songs, we’re intrigued by an album because it’s assumed that the album would be full of this caliber of music. This ultimately leads to me being disappointed.

Out of 24 songs, I can probably count about eight songs I really like. By no means am I saying this album is terrible, but I sincerely think Migos could take more time in cultivating the songs they do create.

I expect theme, style and relevant subject matter from an album and this seems to be just a combination of songs that they threw together. Most of these songs have similar subjects and don’t differ much in style.

While the beats they rap over are high quality and hold some of the songs together, this only goes so far when they are at the caliber they are.

If I ever had the opportunity, I would definitely see Migos live. I know a large amount of their songs and they are genuinely entertaining, but a little more emphasis on the quality of the albums they release can take them from five-star talent to legendary status.


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