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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

Bear Bites: Sumo Steak & Sushi

Sumo Steak & Sushi offers an entertaining dining experience.
Sumo Steak & Sushi offers an entertaining dining experience.

Macon, Georgia is full of restaurants serving foods from different cultures, from street tacos to sushi. While these restaurants vary in authenticity, there are certainly enough options to create genuine competition. One contender for the best hibachi and sushi is the restaurant Sumo.

On 3850 Riverside Drive, Sumo Steak & Sushi is, at its core, a fairly usual hibachi place. What might distinguish Sumo is an all-around high-quality experience, although the price is slightly above average.

Peter Garcia
Sumo Steak & Sushi offers an entertaining dining experience.

The Good

The Service

Rarely do I actually consider service when evaluating a restaurant, but this was an exception. The staff at Sumo was accommodating without being annoying, which was especially appreciated considering that photographer Peter Garcia and I were the only ones at our hibachi grill.

Despite being the only ones there, our hibachi chef was engaging but not intrusive. His performance was fun, and it made supper seem like more of an occasion than an obligation.


The Decor

The walls of Sumo’s interior were decorated in green giraffe print, and there was neon purple lighting coming from portholes on one wall. “The interior design might strike some as odd,” Garcia said. But overall, it felt casual and fun.


The Portions

True for any good hibachi restaurant, there was more food than can be eaten in one sitting unless you are extremely hungry.

Peter Garcia
Chicken Hibachi.

The Questionable

The Food

We tried one of the specialty sushi rolls, and I was impressed by the high quality. I would certainly try more of their sushi, although not regularly, as a higher price accompanies the higher quality.

Both Garcia and I had a hibachi meal and were not disappointed. Besides saying that the food is the same as any hibachi, it seemed notably fresher and not greasy. Still, there was not anything groundbreaking.

Peter Garcia

The Bad

The Dinner Price

Let me be clear, the lunch price is significantly less and probably a much better deal. The dinner price, however, is fairly hefty. Any hibachi meal with meat costs at least $17, and any two-meat combination costs at least $21.

While I did enjoy my supper at Sumo, and I cannot deny it was a great dining experience, the price per quality of my meal was simply average.

“The hibachi experience was entertaining, like any other hibachi restaurant out there. The prices were reasonable for both the experience and quality of the food served,” Garcia said.

Sumo does have a large menu that could potentially have meals of a much better deal, so there is certainly some potential for value. Overall though, Sumo may be one of the better, if not the best hibachi restaurants in Macon, but it has a price to match.



Will 3.5/5

Peter 4/5


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