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Monday, Apr 15, 2024
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How to transition from college to the real world

The semester is almost over, finals are days away and your college career is ending. Graduation time is a crazy mix of emotions, including fear and uncertainty. How does one leave the campus they’ve grown used to for years and enter the “real” world?

Regardless if you have landed a job or not, here are some things to remember that will help becoming a real adult easier.

A career takes time to build

Your first job after graduation probably won’t be your dream job. That’s okay! Now that you’re out of college and putting that hard-earned degree to use, you may be bummed if your first job isn’t exactly in your field, or what you want to do forever. Keep in mind that your career is something that takes time to craft.


Clean up your online profiles

If you haven’t done so already, post-graduation is a great time to tidy up social media profiles. Delete or untag yourself in any pictures from parties, and make your profiles private so a prospective employer can’t see anything you don’t want them to. Also, create a LinkedIn profile that is up to date with your awesome accomplishments. After you’re done, Google yourself to see what comes up, and make any changes necessary.


Attempt to begin fixing any unhealthy college habits

Since starting college, our bodies have grown accustomed to unhealthy foods, crazy amounts of caffeine and the least amount of sleep possible. Graduating from college doesn’t mean you can’t ever have fun again, but a job is not a morning class that is easily skipped after you stayed out too late on a weeknight. Try curbing your caffeine addiction, sticking to a sleep schedule and eating healthier foods. Your body will thank you!


It’s okay to not have everything figured out

Throughout your time in college, you probably felt the impending stress of having life figured out after you graduate. What happens now if you’re about to walk across the stage and don’t know what’s next? The world isn’t going to end just because you don’t have a job set up yet, or you don’t know where your next step is. Life isn’t perfect, and your family and friends are still going to care for you even if you don’t know what’s next. Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone’s life will take a different path. Remember that you worked hard for your degree, and nothing can take that away from you. When the time is right, the perfect opportunity will find you.

Congratulations on surviving college! While this chapter is ending, a world of possibilities are opening up. Whether you’re about to enter the career field, going abroad, continuing your education or unsure of what you’re doing next, the real world is waiting. It sounds scary, but remember that you’ve got the rest of your life to figure things out. You’ve got this!


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