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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

Five Ways to Prevent the Common Cold

Fall is known for its warm colors, and the promise of pumpkin flavored everything. However, this chilly season can leave us all vulnerable to colds. So, to help you enjoy this season here are five preventative measures to fight the common cold

1. Hydrate Yourself!

This seems obvious, but as a busy college student running to and from class, it can be difficult to remember to stay hydrated. Drinking water is necessary to keep your body balanced and can help your immune system. There are plenty of apps that are specifically made to remind someone to drink water throughout the day, so download one of those if you’re forgetful. Stay hydrated, and your body will thank you.

2. Keep It Clean

Usually, we stress the importance of spring cleaning, but truly this is a tradition that needs to be kept up year round. Giving your space a wipe down can prevent germs and bacteria from making you sick. Make sure you’re cleaning items that go through multiple uses like makeup brushes, remotes and keyboards. So, make a fun playlist and whistle while you work.

To take it a step further always pack some hand sanitizer on you for when you come into contact with potentially germ filled situations.  

3. Build Up Your Immuni-Tea

Drinking something hot can help to prevent congestion and teas specifically contain antioxidants that help to protect your body. Both green and chamomile teas are known for boosting the immune system. This cold season find some time to relax with a hot cup of tea on a chilly fall afternoon.

4. Stay Calm

Even if the weather outside gets chilly, tensions can get hot as you go through the semester. Stress is a factor that can lower your immune system so try and find some downtime away from your studies to center yourself. Mindfulness techniques like yoga and meditation are helpful as well as taking a nature walk or hanging with friends. Fall semester is full of challenges, but those issues are harder to face when you don’t take care of yourself. Be mindful this fall.

5. Count Those Sheep

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night to give your body rest so that it can fight germs throughout the day. You will feel refreshed and ready to take on the day with a good night's rest. Your body does a lot of work to keep you healthy. Pay it back by giving it an eight-hour break.

Cold season can be scary. Our lives are busy, and it can often feel like too much to make time to take care of ourselves. But your body is what carries you through your days and deserves some attention. So this fall be gentle with yourself. Take care and enjoy your fall.


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