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Monday, Mar 4, 2024
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Bear Bites: Medi’s Mediterranean Fusion

The lamb and beef shawarma wrap includes tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and purple cabbage. Photo by Peter Garcia.
The lamb and beef shawarma wrap includes tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and purple cabbage. Photo by Peter Garcia.

When I think of food in Middle Georgia, I think about burgers and peach cobbler, not shawarma and baklava. Nonetheless, there is a relatively new restaurant in North Macon that brings a variety of Mediterranean foods as a change from typical American fare.

Medi’s Mediterranean Fusion, self-described as the “Healthiest Mediterranean food in all of Georgia,” opened earlier in the summer of this year. With a variety of fresh sandwich and side options, there is a variety of options to try.

The Good:

The Baklava

The highlight of the meal was easily baklava. With photographer Peter Garcia and sophomore Michal Pacholczyk, we tried a classic walnut baklava, an almond and rosewater baklava square, and a cashew baklava roll.

“I would say the baklava was definitely my favorite part,” Garcia said.

The Customer Service

When we walked up to the counter, the woman taking orders explained all of the different options, making sure we understood what everything was. Later, when we looked at the desserts, she explained what ingredients were in everything.

The other people working in the little restaurant were polite but not overly chatty. They made sure we were taken care of and were happy to let us pay after eating in case we decided to get dessert (which we could not refuse).

The Questionable:

The Food

For $6.95, the shawarma wrap I tried was pretty good. It was hot and filling, and it is not something that I have very often.

“The meat was good, the tzatziki was great, but it could have used a little more seasoning,” said Pacholczyk.

Everyone at the table agreed that our sandwiches and the babaganoush we tried were good but lacking a little flavor. Everything we tried conveyed freshness and simplicity, but it lacked some punch.

The Bad:


Located on 1687 Bass Road Macon, Georgia 31210, Medi’s is a bit out of the way for Mercer students and those who do not travel around North Macon often.

Though the fresh, straightforward food was a nice experience, I found myself somewhat underwhelmed in terms of flavor. Nothing quite grabbed me to the point that I would make the drive back.

I like what the people at Medi’s are providing for Macon, and at their reasonable price point, it would not be a bad option were it in a more convenient location. Overall, I would say it is at least worth trying for those looking for Mediterranean flare.


Will 3.5/5

Peter 3.5/5


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