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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

TV Review: Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” is a good, if flawed, spy series where John Krasinski shines

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If you went up to nearly any student on a college campus and asked them if they have seen “The Office,” odds are you would get a resounding yes. The show is still a bingeable favorite for many, and John Krasinski as Jim is a fan favorite to this day. However, since the days of “The Office,” Krasinski has had to keep busy. Other than a movie by the name of “A Quiet Place,” Krasinski’s big project has been the Amazon series, “Jack Ryan,” and oh boy, is it a good one.

For those unfamiliar, Jack Ryan is a character created by acclaimed writer Tom Clancy. He is a soldier-turned-government operative, and he has been portrayed on both the big and small screens for years. Amazon’s latest iteration of the character has Krasinski in the leading role, working for the CIA and trying to stop a global terrorist catastrophe.

Now, the globe-trotting spy trying to save the world is no new theme for television. As a matter of fact, this trope has been played out countless times. So why is “Jack Ryan” worth talking about? The series lives and dies by Krasinski, who is absolutely outstanding throughout the entire show.

Due to the whole “Jack Ryan” trope being done so many times before, the show did not have a whole lot of new and different things to show. There are only so many different ways someone can save the world, and you cannot really reinvent how someone does that. Luckily, the show does not falter too much in this case. While there were definitely some lulls in the series, and a few story beats did not quite mesh right, it is all pulled together with Krasinski’s performance.

Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” was an expensive and lengthy production. It was in the works for such a long time that it’s no stretch to say that many people would have been disappointed if the show failed. This is why a strong lead actor is so important for any series, and this is no exception. When “Jack Ryan” starts to falter, viewers stay to see what Krasinski does next; audiences do not leave disappointed.

While the show has been out for over a month now, it seemed to have gone by with only a little fanfare. “Jack Ryan” might not be the typical show that a college student watches, but this is a show you definitely cannot miss. Krasinski delivers a perfect performance, and the plot will keep you in just enough until the very end. Give the show a quick binge watch just before the fall TV season begins and I promise, you will be much happier that you did.


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