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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024
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Bear Bites: Famous Mike’s

Mike's Famous Burgers serves a variety of specialty burgers.
Mike's Famous Burgers serves a variety of specialty burgers.

Downtown Macon recently received yet another addition to the string of restaurants popping up on Poplar Street: Famous Mike’s. With Decadent Dessert Bar gaining popularity and Your Pie getting ready to open, Mike’s is situated in an actively growing section of downtown.

Fans of Mike “Big Dog” Seekins’ old restaurant, Biscuits Burgers and More, already know about the move downtown. Seekins’ new restaurant, Famous Mike’s, brings everything that people loved about the old restaurant to a more convenient location.

The Good:

The Burgers

Burgers are what makes Mike’s famous. Opting for a variety of simple topping combinations, Mike’s specialty burgers do not go off the path of traditional burger accouterments.

I tried a burger with mushrooms and blue cheese. The burger checked off every box that I look for in a simple burger: well seasoned, not over-cooked, melty cheese and flavorful toppings.

Photographer Peter Garcia and Junior Elizabeth Tammi, who came and ate with us, also tried the burgers. They said they were impressed by how the simple burgers turned out to be quite good.

Breakfast Food

Offering breakfast all day is definitely an attractive feature to any restaurant. Having quality breakfast makes that even better.

“My omelette was perfect,” said Sophomore Emily Bartlett. Though she ordered a simple omelette with mushrooms, she said it was cooked perfectly and was simple, but great.

The Questionable:

The Price

A burger and a side at Mike’s costs about $10, which is close to what burger places like The Rookery or Ocmulgee Brewpub charge. Whether or not the burgers are close in quality to these other places is a matter of opinion.

The Bad:

Still Adjusting to New Location

When we arrived at Mike’s, there was a sign on the door saying that their card machine was broken and they could only take cash. This meant that we had to go to an ATM and then come back.

Our waitress told us that some customers had been taking home some of the paper menus, so we had to share menus. However, these are standard issues that can happen to new restaurants.

While we were eating, Mike “Big Dog” himself came over to talk to us. We were positive about our experience, and he said, “It’s going to get even better guys.” Afterward, he got into a conversation with another customer about Southern Rock.

It is clear that Mike Seekins loves what he does. He has Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead Posters on every wall of the restaurant, and I would guess he could tell a story about every one of them.

Although the food at Mike’s is great, Macon has a lot of competitive burger places. With the breakfast menu and Southern Rock theme, it reminds me of H&H Soul Food.

There is certainly enough music history and passionate chefs in Macon to warrant Mike’s, but as of now, he does not stand out from other restaurants. I will be watching Seekins to see what he does with the restaurant next.


Will 3/5

Peter 3.5/5

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