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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024
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Bear Bites: Tommy’s Bakery and Cafe

Tommy's Bakery is a cozy mom and pop restaurant with a quaint, homey interior. Photo provided by Will Darragh.
Tommy's Bakery is a cozy mom and pop restaurant with a quaint, homey interior. Photo provided by Will Darragh.

Donuts, cheeseburgers and biscuits are all comfort foods that are warm and filling even in their simplest form. Tommy’s Bakery and Cafe takes simple foods like these and takes them to just the right level of interesting without becoming overly complicated or expensive.

Tommy’s serves items like maple bacon donuts, burgers topped with fried jalapenos or pimento cheese and buttermilk biscuits topped with any combination of breakfast staples. Everything evokes homestyle meals, but the food is undeniably restaurant quality.

The Good:

The Donuts

Their special maple bacon donuts are yeasty and soft, with a maple glaze and chunks of bacon. It strikes a perfect balance between sweet and savory with just enough salt to round out the flavors.

The Price

Full breakfast plates only run for $6.99, which makes purchasing an incredible $1.99 specialty donut more alluring. A burger runs for $10.99 with a side and a drink, compared to the Rookery which costs $11 for just the burger and a side.

Customer Service

At Tommy’s, you get to experience Southern hospitality at its best. Their staff is friendly and talkative, but that does not get in the way of quick and efficient service.

The Questionable:

The Location

Unfortunately, Macon is so spread out that some great restaurants are out of the way for some. Tommy’s Bakery is only 12 minutes down Mercer University Drive from Mercer’s campus, and it is well worth the drive.

“It’s got a quaint atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re eating breakfast at home with your family,” said junior Caroline Kittrell.

The Bad:

Healthy Options

The only critique I have for Tommy’s is that I could not eat there more often than I do without putting on weight. Tommy’s has no pretense about serving a variety of healthy options, though they do have salads and fruit for those who are inclined.

Everything at Tommy’s Bakery and Cafe tastes like it is made with love. The hometown-diner feel to the place makes spending time there all the more pleasant.

Tommy has taken good food and made it just a little better without verging on pretension. A great spot for breakfast, lunch or a sweet treat, Tommy’s Bakery is a place that every Macon resident should know.


Will 4.5/5

Caroline 3.5/5

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