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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024
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Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

The season of giving is officially here. As the holidays approach, it is good to remember that there are many amazing ways to give back to your community and your friends this season. Here are five ways to give back this Thanksgiving.

1.Food Donations

Many charities and organizations in Macon specifically work to help end hunger in the community. Daybreak, Loaves and Fishes, Middle Georgia Community Food Bank and others all work to end food insecurity in Macon and beyond. This season you can help out by giving a food donation or donating your time to these organizations as they help others.


As you transition into your winter wardrobe, there may be things that don’t fit or simply are not in style anymore. You can give those clothes you no longer want to a nearby Goodwill. Someone somewhere will find a use for your unwanted gloves, scarves, jackets or shoes. You’ll be cleaning up and giving back at the same time.

3. Tip a Little More

People who work in food service have to work even harder during the holidays. When you go out to eat this holiday season, please tip your servers a little bit more and brighten up their day with your kindness. Servers work so hard to give you a great experience in their restaurant, so give them a show of your appreciation.

4. Throw A Party

This may seem strange, but throwing a party can easily turn into a massive charity event. Party with a purpose and invite your friends over and have them bring a donation for a local charity.  Your guests could bring uncommon items like menstrual hygiene products or winter clothes. They could also just give a small donation at the door. Whatever your charity, throwing a party can be a fun way to get down and give back.

5. Practice Kindness

So many people are lonely during the holidays or have bad memories with the season. You can brighten up their day by giving others a friendly smile or a warm hug. Practice paying it forward by taking care of someone’s meal behind you in line or even connect with a friend you haven’t talked with in a while. Try doing little things that can make this holiday season a bit brighter for someone near you.

This story has been updated to include a corrected cutline for the image. The photo was credited to Anna Melissa Morales and should have been credited to Marco Verch via Flickr.


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