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Monday, Feb 26, 2024
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Bear Bites: Your Pie

Your Pie lets guests create their pizza to their own tastes.
Your Pie lets guests create their pizza to their own tastes.

Everybody loves pizza. The combination of freshly baked bread, melty cheese and savory toppings are sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Your Pie takes these elements and makes an individualized pizza experience that will please anyone’s palate.

The Your Pie franchise uses a fast-casual model similar to Chipotle or Subway where diners are actively involved in putting together their perfect meal. From choosing the type of dough to the toppings, eaters at Your Pie can put together their perfect pie.

The Good:

Customization Options

I ordered my pizza with basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, artichoke hearts, chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. Photographer Peter Garcia ordered a completely different pizza and was able to have exactly the portions he wanted.

“Especially if you just want your own pizza, or if you go with a group of picky eaters, Your Pie takes the hassle out of trying to find something that works for everyone,” Garcia said.

Great Service and Atmosphere

My friends and I felt the warm atmosphere from the moment we walked in. All of the employees were polite and helpful.

Despite the place being mostly full, “The atmosphere wasn't crazy loud; there was enough space for us to talk and not hear other people’s conversation. It really promoted actually sitting down there and eating,” said junior Donald Williams, who came to eat with us.

The Questionable:

A Little Pricey

Customization comes with a price. An individual pizza costs almost $10 after tax, which is comparable to a medium or large pizza at other pizza places.

“It’s a little on the higher side, but I feel full, so I don’t feel cheated,” Garcia said.

We were all full after our meal, and the fresh, quality ingredients felt worth the price to us.

Still Settling In

Although currently, the Your Pie in Macon is not running any specials, they are looking for ways to have special deals for the Mercer community. I spoke with one of the employees while checking out, and he wanted to know how I felt about the price as a college student.

He said that they were particularly interested in creating a Mercer special and that they are currently thinking about running a $10 pizza and beer combo, which would effectively be a free beer with a pizza.

The Bad:

There was nothing bad about our whole experience.

Your Pie’s unique pizza model works great for anybody, but especially college students. Garcia and Williams, who are both involved with various student organizations, said that this would be the perfect place to have student organization dinners.

Of course, Your Pie is perfect for families too. Adults and picky children (and picky adults too) can have exactly what they want. Your Pie is yet another addition to the growing downtown dining on Poplar street.


Will 4/5

Peter 3.75/5


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