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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023
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Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

As the new year begins, many people vow to hold themselves to higher standards than the year before. But as the year goes on, many people will also lose the motivation to keep their resolutions going. Here are five ways to stay motivated and crush your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Start Slow

It is easy to want change to happen immediately. However, doing this can make you feel disappointed if you don’t meet your goals. So, instead remember that change, especially big change, takes time. Instead of quitting bad habits cold turkey or expecting a 10-pound weight change to happen in the next few days, start slow. You have a whole year. You will get there.

2. Get inspired

For some, visualizing what you want is important. Get inspired by creating a vision board or by creating a vlog about your experiences while making your resolution happen. Doing something creative with your New Year’s resolution can help you stay motivated to keep going. Write out a personal pledge to yourself, so that whenever you are down or feeling unmotivated, you can look back and remember why you began.

3. Take action

A lot of people don’t finish their resolutions because they are unsure of how to start. This year, make sure you get off on a good start to your goals. If your resolution is to volunteer more, begin looking at organizations you’re passionate about. If your goal is to write more, buy yourself a journal and write a few sentences. A little can go a long way to you accomplishing your goal.

4. Get a Squad Together

New Year’s resolutions can be tough to take on by yourself. This year get some friends together and try to better yourselves as a group. Taking on a resolution as a group will be much more enjoyable and also easier. Your squad can hold each other accountable and give each other encouragement when needed.

5. Be Flexible  

If you aren’t enjoying the experience of completing your resolution then maybe you need to re-evaluate your choices. The point of a New Year’s resolution is that you are supposed to feel better about yourself and your accomplishments during the year. If your resolution isn’t making you feel that way, then you need a change, and that is perfectly valid and good. So, keep your head up and keep going.

Keeping a New Year’s resolution can be difficult. The important thing to remember is that you can succeed. Change takes time, and you have a whole year to make your life exactly how you want it to be. Good luck!


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