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Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

Review: Summer Walker’s “Over It” is an emotional rollercoaster we didn’t know we needed

Most known for her breakout single “Girls Need Love,'' Summer Walker has been consistently releasing music since 2018. Her signature sultry, soulful sound has made her a stand-out artist in a short amount of time. 

Walker’s debut album, “Over It,” was released on Oct. 4 and her fans, including me, are raving about it. Get ready to call your ex and hang up when they answer; her songs make you feel many emotions, from defeated anger to frustrated love.

Walker starts the album by telling the story of her attempt to cut off her ex, and as the album progresses, she dives deeper into the rest of her emotions. In this song, Walker shows a vulnerable side that is raw and human. The song entails a withdrawn, defeated tone as any breakup song would.

The song “Me” evokes a rush of relatable feelings. Walker sings about knowing better but choosing the worst, in the name of love. She dials it back to feel the full extent of her emotions, before spinning the pinwheel of feelings again. This song conveys a feeling of volatility about her struggle to decide how to address her partner. Although, Walker mentions she wouldn’t bring any harm, the instability of her emotions are definitely evident.

Walker features other artists on her tracks such as 6lack and PartyNextDoor. Their verses provide authentic, stereotypical male responses to the situations she sings about in her songs. Walker’s song with 6lack, “Like It” depicts her attempts to believe in her relationship again, while he only talks about his ulterior motives. 

Two of her pre-released singles, “Playing Games” and “Girls Need Love,” are the last two songs on “Over It” and feature Drake and Bryson Tiller. Predictably, the two male artists played the remorseful, apologetic partner, ending off the album with the fated reconciliation of both a relationship and the two pieces of a broken heart. 

Overall, Walker succeeded in taking us on an emotional rollercoaster we didn’t know we needed. Giving us raw, relatable emotions, she managed to work through a real-life situation in 18 songs. Like many other R&B artists of her generation, Walker took another step in the right direction for soulful music. 


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