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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Review: Misterwives bloom again

Two years after the release of their last album “Connect the Dots,” Misterwives dropped an EP that allows the entire band to shine.

Misterwives is most known for their songs “Reflections” and “Our Own House” from their debut album released in 2015. In 2014, Misterwives opened for Twenty One Pilots for their Quiet is Violent tour, which started a relationship between the bands that continued this year. After a year-long break following their Connect the Dots headline tour, Misterwives opened for Twenty One Pilots on their Bandito Tour.

Their new EP, “Mini Bloom,” consists of five songs that show off the lead singer Mandy Lee’s vocal talent, while allowing the instrumentals to shine through. Drummer Etienne Bowler truly stands out, along with bass player William Hehir on this EP.

The first track, “Coming Up for Air,” starts with a simple drum beat and a beautiful sound coming from the synthesizer played by Jesse Blum. As Lee’s vocals come in, she immediately shows her talent and range. She starts with a low raspy sound, and she then starts belting as the chorus starts.

As the track continues, Bowler keeps the song upbeat. The drums drive the song forward and make it very easy to dance to. 

“Find My Way Home” also shows off the musical genius of the band. Their talent is evident as Lee belts during the chorus and Blum plays the trumpet in the background. The trumpet is a signature sound of Misterwives and is prevalent on all of their albums. The drums take the stage on this song as they follow up the chorus with dominance. 

Misterwives strayed away from their typical sound on the song “Find My Way Home.”  The albums “Our Own House” and “Connect the Dots” both have a pop sound with simple guitar and drum beats and amazing vocals. Both have songs that stray from that mold, but their new EP is a different sound for Misterwives as they enter more into the realm of alternative music with heavy guitars and belting vocals.

Lyrics have always been one of Lee’s strong suits, and this EP is no exception. “Stories” is one of the two songs on this album that show off the lyrical talent of this band. This track is about trying to forget the past because of the pain it bears.

Lee talks about being in a hotel room as she is “singing myself to sleep with lullabies wrapped in lies.” The idea of having to forget the reality of the pain you are facing is a common theme in a lot of their music. It is also seen in “Reflections” and “Let The Light In.”

The last song on the EP is cleverly named “The End,” and it is a beautiful example of the lyrical talent of Lee. This last track is all about getting over someone and accepting that it is not the end of your life.

“The End” is also about accepting that “all good things come to an end.” Ends of one situation just lead to a “new beginning.”

“Mini Bloom” as a whole is a beautiful EP, and it showcases the musical genius of the band.


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