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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Alternative albums you missed this summer

This summer was a boon for fans of alternative music as artists worldwide dropped new albums. Here are four of the best records from summer 2020 to add to your playlist.

“Sex Death and the Infinite Void” by Creeper

English rock band Creeper released “Sex Death and the Infinite Void,” a concept album about the seven deadly sins, July 31. In contrast to their last album, “Sex Death and the Infinite Void” is influenced by pop and rock instead of punk.

The record features gorgeous vocals from Will Gould as well as Hannah Greenwood. The album is captivating from beginning to end. Greenwood’s vocals at the beginning of “Four Years Ago” alone are enough to send shivers down your spine. Then you add the beautiful guitar riffs, and your mind starts to explore this beautiful world.

A landscape of vivid reds and oranges starts to emerge. With eyes closed and headphones in, you will be placed into a world of sins. From song to song, there is no lull in interest on this album.

Top three tracks to listen to: “Poisoned Heart,” “Four Years Ago,” “Napalm Girls”

“Into the Raging Sea” by Broadside

“Into the Raging Sea” was released by pop-punk band Broadside July 24. This record pulls at heartstrings and begs for tears. Broadside blatantly explores the pain of depression and the problems that depression brings into relationships.

Ollie Baxxter, the vocalist, uses his voice to express such intense emotion. For example, the opening track of the album, “The Raging Sea,” ends with Baxxter screaming, met with an echo and silence. This moment sends chills down the spine and makes hair stand on end waiting for the next sound.

Although “Into the Raging Sea” covers a lot of heavy topics, dancing along is inevitable. The music moves through your veins. The beat of the drum feels like your heartbeat, and the guitar riffs push everything forward. 

Top three tracks to listen to: “The Raging Sea,” “Overdramatic,” “Clarity”

“Brand New Vision” by Point North

Alt-pop band Point North released their first full-length album Aug. 21. “Brand New Vision” features beautiful vocals from Jon Lundin that make the album worth the listen alone. 

Each track brings a new subject that is so brilliantly crafted. From talking about the struggles in a long-distance relationship to issues with mental health, this record is one many can relate to.

The album cover perfectly describes this album. It is full of color and wholly unique. The fusion of pop-punk with pure alt-pop puts Point North in their own genre that they are slowly creating.

Bonus: Strawberry Lipstick by Yungblud

Alt-rock and pop-punk vocalist Yungblud released a single called “Strawberry Lipstick” July 16. This song is a love song that dives into his vulnerability. The vocals are a beautiful mix of pop-punk and alt-rock.



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