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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Do it in a dorm: Charismatic? Start a cult

Are you looking for a new project or a new way to get involved on campus outside of the student organizations already established? How about starting your very own cult right in your dormitory? The possibilities and benefits are endless. Starting a cult will bring followers, friends, praise and adoration. He are a few suggestions on starting out, and if these are found to be successful you can hope that your cult will last well beyond college.
First thing you should do is examine yourself. Confidence is key and it will help attract people to you. Charisma, good speech, diplomacy and personal skills are helpful characteristics to have when approaching people. Image is everything and you have to look the part. If you look like a king then you feel like a king, and if you feel like one then maybe people will treat you like one.
Next, you will need to make a lot of friends. This can be accomplished by striking up conversations in the cafeteria, ARC, library, class and any other area on campus where students congregate. Get to know people personally, and find a common thread that will draw them into you.
The next step is to be creative. Your cult will need a name, purpose, a doctrine that will be taught, slogan, official song and a simple logo. To advance your knowledge and creativity check to see if your university offers a class on cult psychology. Do further research and study books and videos on cults.
Out of the friends that you have made you will need to create an inner circle with positions so that you can delegate certain duties for them to carry out. The leader of the cult will provide spiritual guidance to the others. The enforcer should be responsible for regulating the followers and making sure the rules are followed. Most importantly at least one clergyperson should be appointed. This person will have a direct divine communication with whatever entity your cult decides to honor.
Your dorm room can serve as the designated meeting place, and in order to maintain the loyalty of your followers, outsiders should not attend the meetings. A public relations representative can be hired to maintain a good image of the cult and to attract more followers. Publication of your own unbelievable stories and past encounters tend to be  the most believable. This may include battles with some enemy force and tales of martyrs who have died for the cause. Another way to engage more people would be to offer free advice or a consultation for a ‘limited amount of time.’ Using your emotions is another way to connect with others. Crying is contagious.
Last but not least is the effective use of propaganda techniques. This can be done through the use of discussions, mass meetings, print, film, television, recordings and theater. The use of logical fallacies can be helpful when planning your persuasion. These can range from the appeal of authority, appeal of numbers, appeal of probability, generalization, and the appeal to poverty and wealth. With these ideas in mind you can be well on your way to a new discovery in your college career.


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