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Monday, Nov 29, 2021

Mercer tradition to clean up Macon

One of Mercer’s longstanding traditions, Be a Good Neighbear, was held on Oct. 21.

Led by MerServe, a student-run organization, this event continues to be one that many students participate in. The event gives a way for students to help out in the Macon community, as well as a way to build bridges between students and the people of Macon.

“I feel like it’s [almost] an ‘initiation’ thing to Mercer,” junior Daniel Darity said.  “Like, you do Be a Good Neighbear, Lights on After School, sign the top of the admin[istration] building, and BAM… you’re a true freshman.”

Although Be a Good Neighbear is supposed to be a campus-wide event, most students that participate are freshmen. However, Be a Good Neighbear is also a bonding experience for not only new freshman, but all Mercerians.

“I enjoyed it because I was with friends” said Darity.

Throughout the day, students are tasked with a variety of things to reach out in the Macon community. From weeding gardens to picking up trash in local neighborhoods, students get to not only help the community, but also to make connections with the people around them.

Sophomore Travis Meeks had similar reasons to Darity for participating in Be a Good Neighbear.

“I participated my freshman year honestly because my O-Group professor made me” said Meeks. He said he also enjoyed working in the Macon community that day.

“I loved it despite being made to do it, but I’m biased because I like gardening things already. The experience was social and good,” he said.

The next volunteer opportunity that MerServe will be holding is Lights On After School. This event will be held on Oct. 26. More information on this event can be found on the MerServe page on Mercer’s website.


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