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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024
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Arts & Culture

The Setonian

check, please!

In the Northwest side of Macon, at 1693 Bass Road, a charming Italian restaurant named Mirko’s Pasta serves up self-proclaimed authentic Italian dishes to those who wish to experience Italy through their taste buds.   I must profess, having visited Mirko’s previously gave me high hopes for my ...

The Setonian
Arts & Culture

Top 10: Summer albums

Summer is usually the prime time for new music. As with blockbuster movies, bands and record labels like to wait until peak times to put out a sure-fire hit. But unfortunately for you, I haven’t been reviewing music for The Cluster this summer, and you’ve been missing out on my sage wisdom. But ...

The Setonian
Arts & Culture

Exploring Macon: a guide

Greetings Mercerians, new and old! Welcome to Macon! With a new year upon us, now is a time for discovery— local discovery. Whether you’ve been an undergrad for seven days or seven years, everyone can find something new in this ever-changing city. For starters, don’t be scared of Downtown. Only ...


Check, please!

When I critique a restaurant, I take into account much more than meal quality.  Every aspect must have consideration.  Seating arrangements, for instance, and how much light enters an establishment can ruin a perfect meal. When I dine I usually go with many of my friends.  My friends and I are loud ...

Arts & Culture

Cancelled TV you will love

Okay, nerds. I’ve spent all our time together telling you what not to like, but now that it’s all coming to an end, I’m going to tell you what to like. Some of the greatest television shows are cancelled because not enough people watch them, which is really upsetting but unsurprising since we ...

Arts & Culture

Popham Culture: A golden age for music

It seems like without thinking about it, I’ve got a theme going with this column. It has served me well so far, but it is time to finish this arc. In my previous entries, I’ve outlined how musicians aren’t getting compensated for the music that they are making and how record labels aren’t ...

Arts & Culture

A quick Q&A with 3OH!3

Boulder, Colorado-based band 3OH!3 is known for their intense electronic sound and catchy, fun lyrics. Before the duo of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte took the stage at Bearstock this year, I sat down to ask them a few questions about Mercer, their music and their upcoming work. Read on below. Eric ...

Arts & Culture

Your Bearstock Wrap-Up

The night before Bearstock, Macon was threatened by a tornado warning that could have ruined the day. But we were lucky, and the storm passed over Macon with little commotion, leaving the day free for Mercer’s annual musical festival. This year featured a lineup similar to previous years, with rappers ...

Arts & Culture

Ace and Zaz bring stellar full-length

4/5 Bear Claws Augusta natives Robert Payne and Chase Kleist are part of the indie/alternative/hip-hop group Ace and Zaz. Chase is Ace and Robert is Zaz. After being part of several musical groups in high school, including Smells Like New and Non-Shalant (Acoustic), Kleist and Payne created this project ...

Local News

Your guide to Bearstock

So, we all know Bearstock is coming up this Saturday, and we all know that it’s going to be completely awesome, as it is every year. But some people don’t know that this year will be a little different than the past few festials, so your pals at The Cluster have prepared this guide to the festivities. ...

Arts & Culture

Q&A: Cartoonist Julia Wertz

Julia Wertz is one of the most interesting cartoonists working in the industry today. Her latest book, Drinking at the Movies, is an alternatingly hillarious and poignant retelling of Wertz’s move from San Fransisco to Brookyln. Please, go read it. Eric Brown: What projects have you been working ...

Arts & Culture

Don't download this column

What comes to mind when you hear “$1.5 million in statutory damages for distribution?" Drugs? Weapons? People? How about music? Okay, what if I said file sharing? You would think that terabytes of music must be involved, a huge game-changing event. Maybe some hacker-on-steroids stole everything Capitol ...

Arts & Culture

‘Rango’ is a smart, enjoyable ride

3/5 Bear Claws I know what you’re thinking: “A movie about lizard cowboys? Are you serious?” Yes, actually, I am. And believe me, I was a little dubious too, but I found Rango a fun and clever romp that explodes one Wild West cliché after another in a way that makes the movie unique and memorable. In ...

Arts & Culture

Tina Fey makes you laugh

  4.5/5 Bear Claws If Tina Fey is your hero — and if you’re between the ages of 18 and 28, she probably is—you need to read her new book, Bossypants. You know how on an episode of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon tells Rosemary Howard (Carrie Fisher) that she is her lady hero? That’s how you’ll feel ...

Arts & Culture

Please, no more 3D movies

  Is it entirely necessary for almost every film to be filmed in 3-D? Sure, I understand how 3-D is cool and sometimes it can add to the film. But it’s just ridiculous how films are filmed in both 3-D and 2-D now, or hastily reformatted to be 3-D right before the release date. Filming in ...

Arts & Culture

Kathleen hates the Kardashians

[caption id="attachment_2997" align="aligncenter" width="187" caption="Kathdashians"] [/caption] Why would anyone want to keep up with the Kardashians? Seriously. I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve only seen clips from the horrendous E! production (can it even be called that?) on “The Soup” ...

Arts & Culture

Popham Culture

  Imagine that it is 1976. You just listened to Ziggy Stardust on vinyl. You are in a punk band and the only way for your music to get exposure is to put up hand-made posters for your shows. The World Wide Web is years away; therefore, there is no easy way to communicate en masse with your ...

Arts & Culture

The Mountain Goats return with All Eternals Deck

  4.5/5 Bear Claws As far as I can tell, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats has two talents: writing beautifully emotive records, and releasing them at an insane speed. The group’s last record, The Life of the World to Come, came out in October 2009—barely a year and a half ago. The ...


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