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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024
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Kylie Brown


Wait.. That's on the Ballot?

In this column, we’ve only really discussed the 2020 presidential race. But that is only one of the many races that will appear on your ballot for the general election Nov. 3. Whether you are planning to vote in person or have been staring at your absentee ballot in confusion, let's discuss what ...


ANALYSIS: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone. Now what? 

The Supreme Court is confusing — especially now.  Since Ruth Bader Ginsburg, popularly known as R.B.G., died Sept. 18, there has been a lot of talk in the news about what will happen next. What is the precedent for replacing her, and what exactly happened in 2016 when a similar situation arose? ...


ANALYSIS: Should we watch the presidential debates?

Presidential debates have become a mainstay in the election process, and this cycle is no different. Debates can also be confusing, and while I will obviously be watching, I wanted to ask some of Mercer’s own experts what they think about presidential debates and whether or not they believe debates ...


ANALYSIS: Absentee ballots do's and don'ts

Mail-in voting, absentee ballots, vote by mail, mail-in ballots — this election cycle has seen a lot of names thrown around to describe the exact same thing: mailing in a paper ballot, instead of voting in person. But what exactly is mail-in voting, and is it a safe way to cast your vote? To answer ...


ANALYSIS: Welcome back. Now register to vote!

Welcome back to campus! 2020 has been interesting and chaotic, but it’s not over yet. For me — and many others — the most exciting part of 2020 is just beginning: it’s election season! Elections come every few years. And 2020 is a big year for local, state and federal constituencies. Many elections, ...


Player Spotlight: Marc Reiser's final year to make a mark

After three years of what seemed like a revolving door of coaches and players, it is finally cross-country runner Marc Reiser’s senior year.  Reiser is the only boy left in his year, having started with 13 athletes his freshman year. He competed in all five events last season for the Bears with ...

Arts & Culture

American Idol holds auditions in downtown Macon

The iconic blue American Idol bus drove into town on Aug. 23 and parked outside of the Macon City Auditorium. Macon has a rich musical history — with people like Otis Redding and The Allman Brothers Band coming out of Macon — so it is no surprise to locals that the popular show chose this Middle ...

Campus News

Penland and Jones elected SGA president and vice president

Student Government Association (SGA) announced March 27 that Adam Penland will serve as SGA president for a second term. Junior Michaela Jones was elected vice president. “I ran again because there is still more to be done,” Penland said. “I have a unique opportunity since I am a junior to continue ...

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