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Monday, Feb 26, 2024
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Nick Wooten


Bear Bites: El Camino

El Camino, touted as Macon’s first and only authentic taqueria and cantina, is a delightful deviation from the Moonhanger Group’s other popular establishments. The lively, tavern-esque Rookery; the farm-to-table fine-dining Dovetail; and the historic H&H have found their formidable fourth. Though ...

Arts & Culture

Bear Bites: Roasted Cafe and Lounge

You’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant like Roasted anywhere. The cafe, lounge and venue space serves up fresh beats, sandwiches and now, a dinner menu highlighted by Mediterranean dishes that allow Roasted to flex a variety of muscles. We wanted to do this a little differently. So, Justin ...

Campus News

Do Not Cross: Crime Slows on Campus

The past month has been a quiet one for the Mercer Police department. From Feb. 15 to March 16, only three criminal incidents were reported. Two of the three crimes were thefts by taking. Feb. 15 Mercer Police responded to reports of a suspicious black male behind MEP at 8:40 a.m. The responding officer ...

Arts & Culture

Bear Bites: Pho Saigon

Any pun I can make here isn’t fit for print, so I’ll keep it simple: Pho is delicious. I’ve had few encounters with the wonderful Vietnamese noodle soup, but I’ve loved every one. The mint and basil flavors poking through the meaty broth with hints of just a little bit of sriracha and hoisin ...


The Tie that Binds

Grant Radakovich and Tony Perella are more than teammates. Long before the pair became a part of the Day Ones — Mercer’s first football recruiting class — their families had forged a bond that crossed religious and ethnic lines during the mid-1900s. Grant and Tony became aware of the connection ...

Arts & Culture

Bear Bites: Joy’s Home Cooking Buffet

All-you-can-eat buffets exemplify everything exceptional and abhorrent about being American. The bright hotlamps, staggering variety and snot-nosed children who don’t understand the concept of tongs are ever-present working cogs in America’s most nauseating capitalistic ventures. They result in ...

Arts & Culture

Bear Bites: Biscuits, Burgers & More

Biscuits Burgers & More is a fascinating, yet delicious, paradise in paradox. Owner Mike Seekins' beefy playhouse is under the same roof as C & J’s Supermarket, which looks more like a quick stop gas station. Don't let the unassuming facade or Seekins' gentle southern patois fool you. He ...

Arts & Culture

Bear Bites: Molly’s Red Rooster Café

Ms. Betty is at it again. The owner of Molly’s Cafe and Spud Dogs, both located downtown, recently opened a new restaurant at the old Fountain of Juice location, 3045 Vineville Ave. — Molly’s Red Rooster Cafe. Diners have come to expect a certain quality wherever they see her name, and Red Rooster ...

Arts & Culture

Bear Bites: Cox Cafe

I had an existential crisis at 694 Lower Poplar St. The small white brick building along that potholed road seemed like it had been pumping out collard greens and mac and cheese well before my time. But the bright red sign read “since 1996.” The cafeteria-style service, old round tables and ...

Arts & Culture

Bear Bites: Lee and Eddie’s Barbecue

Beyond the doors of 484 Second St., something unusual is happening-- even by Macon’s standards. On one side of the shop, gloves and seats hang from wall hooks. The aluminum spokes, frames and rubber tires rest upright. But in the window, the racks of ribs spin for all of Second Street to see. Lee ...

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