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Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023
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What to wear to Bearstock 2018

Bearstock—the music event of the season, the highlight of the semester, the Coachella of Middle Georgia—is almost here. So maybe it’s not as glamorous as the California desert, but it’s all we have. So, let’s savor it. And in true music industry fashion, it’s not who you are that matters. It's what you wear.

“Bearstock has a very laid back, community vibe about it so I think it’s important to be comfortable as well as fashionable,” said sophomore Ariel Maduro.  

If ever there was a time to whip out your butterfly inspired bodysuit and inflatable flamingo hat, this may not be it. That being said, there are ways to fashion a comfortable look while still turning heads.

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For the ladies out there, keeping it simple is the best approach. Your favorite jean shorts and faded tee will always make you look and feel good and provide a good base to let your accessories do the talking. Dress it up with some flashy sunglasses or bold hat. If you’re feeling extra fancy, a flowy sundress works wonders.

A colorful romper paired with some comfy sneaks is also tried and true. Just be prepared for the inconvenience of bathroom breaks. But looking fierce far outweighs the awkwardness of sitting on a toilet completely naked.

It’s important to also keep in mind that we live in Georgia where the weather is unpredictable, borderline bipolar. Bring along an extra layer, like a lightweight utility jacket, to throw on if you get cold easily. A warm and sunny day could easily shift into freezing rain. Be ready to react to any situation.

Guys have it easy. At least they have a smaller range of choices. Throw on a comfy pair of jeans, a printed tee, sneakers and you’re good to go. For the more fashion-forward gentlemen, some mirrored sunglasses or bright shoes can elevate your look.

“Since the weather in Georgia is so unpredictable, I wouldn't wear my favorite clothes to the park in Tattnall, but After Dark is in Hawkins Arena, so that's a great time to dress up,” said junior Nicholas Price.

Exclusively for students, Bearstock After Dark is the perfect time to take fashion risks. Surprise your friends with a daring new look or try out that interesting trend you wouldn’t normally wear.

Most importantly, wear whatever makes you feel confident because that is when you are going to have the most fun. When you look good, you feel good.

The point of Bearstock is to bring the Mercer community together. So, pick out a killer outfit, take lots of cute pictures and make some lasting memories.


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