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Friday, Mar 1, 2024
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Kate Eckrote


Start packing for the summer sooner rather than later

I used to distinguish a single junk drawer as the keeper of the miscellaneous debris littering my room. I would shove the things I didn’t have the heart to throw away (old notecards, dried-out pens, forgotten nail polish) deep into the bowels of this drawer with the understanding I would never have ...

The Setonian

Let’s get this semester back on track

Soaking in the sunshine on a Florida beach with six more days of spring break looming ahead, it is easy to think of life in the abstract. You sip your lukewarm lemonade and resolve to be more organized, more driven, valedictorian of your class, CEO of a brilliant startup. You begin drafting your graduation ...

The Setonian

What to wear to Bearstock 2018

Bearstock—the music event of the season, the highlight of the semester, the Coachella of Middle Georgia—is almost here. So maybe it’s not as glamorous as the California desert, but it’s all we have. So, let’s savor it. And in true music industry fashion, it’s not who you are that matters. ...


How to stay safe on campus

After countless lectures and motivational posters, college students can become desensitized to the importance of safety. But as these last few weeks have exemplified, someone's safety could be threatened in an instant. Though some outside factors cannot be controlled, it is a student’s responsibility ...

Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Being sick in college sucks

I would consider myself a fairly healthy person.   I often stay up until 3 a.m. watching health documentaries on Netflix. I always skip the whipped cream on my tall, double shot, extra drizzle, caramel Frappuccino. And I exercise regularly in the sense that I sometimes take the stairs. Therefore, ...


A Goodbye Letter to Target

Goodbye forever,, Target. It’s over. Done. You’ve given up on us, and I’m fine. Really, I’m not going to cry. Because you see, Target, I’m remembering things now. Without the diverting allure of your one-dollar section  or hypnotic glare of your fluorescent lights, I can  finally see clearly. I ...

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