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Friday, Mar 24, 2023

How to recover from a mental breakdown

A college student in distress.
A college student in distress.

There are two types of people on a college campus: people that have cried themselves to sleep, punched a wall, ripped a pillow, slept through all their classes for the day and then there are weird people.

It’s the end of the semester. We have to worry about grades, housing, applying to grad school, filing taxes, figuring out what we’re gonna do once we graduate. Who in their right mind hasn’t had a complete meltdown yet?

It’s totally healthy to not have all the answers like Sway sometimes, so of course, you’re going to break down. But once you break down, how do you fix yourself back up?


  1. Let it all outIf you haven’t already, take some time to cry. Punch a pillow. Throw something you don’t need. Break some junk. Rip up some (non-important) papers. Write. Scribble. Release the bitterness, the anger, the disappointment and everything else that’s been consuming you as a college student.

  2. Eat something you loveHaving a healthy relationship with food means you can eat anything you want anytime you want. Grilled chicken sandwich, a salad, an apple. French fries, ice cream, hamburgers. A healthy relationship with food means knowing what foods make you feel energized, icky, awake, sleepy or even happy. When you’re recovering from a mental breakdown, you want to put extra emphasis on the happy foods. Eat things you sincerely love and enjoy, don’t worry about the calories or the fat and sugar for once and just eat.

  3. Go for a walkEven though you might feel dejected and disgusting inside, the weather (as I write this article) is beautiful. Get out of the prison walls of your dorm room and take a walk. Let the rays of the sun warm your skin and basque in the beauty of nature. One place I like to go is down near the soccer field in between the library and UC. It’s not totally off campus, so you’re not gonna get robbed, but it’s still a bit secluded and private.If you don’t mind moving cars, you can also trek down to the 1975 Adam Winship apartments. At the end, there is a water fountain flowing in front of a bench. Cars pass by now and then, but most of the times you’re left alone to take in the soothing sounds of the running water.

  4. Dress upIt’s time to pick yourself back up. And we all know, when you look good, you feel good, even if it’s just a temporary feel good. I don’t wear makeup often, so when I need a quick pick-me-up, I pat on some foundation, heavy eyeliner and a dress I haven’t worn in a while. Most of the times it’s not only the outfit that makes me feel pretty but the number of compliments I get on it too. Being vain shouldn’t always be reserved for airheads. Compliments go a long way on a bad week.

  5. Get back into the swing of thingsGo back to eating whole and nutritious foods. Go back to jogging 3 times a week. Go back to making your bed every day. Gently slip back into your daily routine. We all know everyone on this campus is eventually going to (mentally) fall one day. It’s the getting back up part that’s uncertain.And if you need a helping hand, talk to people. Drive home for the weekend or ask your parents to come visit you. Schedule an appointment with CAPS. Or even seek some help online. I am a member of Therapy for Black Girls Thrive Tribe on Facebook, and they actually helped me create this list. There are people everywhere that would love to hear how strong you are, so don’t ever feel like you can’t share your struggles.


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