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Friday, Mar 1, 2024
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Blossom Onunekwu


How to Be Safe Around Alcohol

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, an awareness month especially relevant for college students. Between exams and pop quizzes and presentations, many of us take advantage of every party and getaway to loosen up with some alcohol and take each other less seriously. But too much of everything is always ...

The Setonian
Arts & Culture

Telfair Museum: A Road Trip for the Artsy Soul

College Night at the Telfair Museum in Savannah, Georgia, will take place on March 30, and Mercer students are invited to participate. The “College Night” event was created because the Telfair team felt a need to showcase art at an affordable price to the college audience. “We always try to ...


How to Prepare for Post-Grad Life

Once we cross that stage, not everything is as routine as the four years we’ve been here. You may or may not have a job you like. You may or may not have a job period. You might not talk to your friends anymore. You might move to Japan. The unknown for many is scary, and it pushes a lot of people ...


How to get an internship

After four years of school, most of us are going to come out looking for a job, and employers want you to have experience. You could volunteer at a shelter or clinic every other Friday to learn some soft skills and count them as experience, or you can get an internship. But we all know that internships, ...


Mercer Professors Explain Danger Of Vaping

Vaping is the new cigarette, it seems. Many college students enjoy the smell and sensation of vaping without the side effects of nicotine--or do they? Last year, vape companies were under fire when the FDA mandated them to stop advertising to teens. Does this mean that vaping isn’t healthy? There ...


The Heartdrive: Vaccines, A Double-edged Syringe

In January, the World Health Organization listed the public and global health threats of 2019. Among them are threats you’ve heard of before: antimicrobial resistance, obesity, HIV and the flu. But this year, for 2019, there’s a new challenger: vaccine hesitancy. In the 21st century. It might ...

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