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Sunday, Sep 24, 2023
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The Heartdrive: How to take care of yourself during Spring break

Can you smell the ocean? Spring break is right around the corner, which means parties, beaches, barbecuing and freedom. But as we know, too much of anything is not good for you. Vacations are a good place to let loose, but it is still important to be careful and aware of your surroundings. Here are ways you can stay safe this spring break.

1. Plan ahead

If you’ve got no plans and you’re reading this so far, you’re already too late. To fully take advantage of your spring break, you should make sure that you have everything planned to the tee. Make sure your head’s not a mess and your wallet is in check. If you’re going out of town, double check on your reservations. Are you heading to Miami like every other college student? Make sure you know who is driving and if their car is still in good shape to trek that distance.

2. Let your family know where you’re going

It might sound nice to just get away from Mercer to a whole different state (or even country) to enjoy your trip, but you should still make sure a family member or a really close relative know your plans for the break. That way, if there are any emergencies that might arise en route, these family members can act quickly without much hesitation and get to you.

3. Learn an at-home workout

Just because you’re at home or in a different city, state or country doesn’t mean your body can’t reap the benefits too. Before you go on vacation, look up workouts you can do at home. Learn the ones you feel you can do regardless of the amount of space you have, and write the routines down on your phone. You can even use infographic workouts on Pinterest and screenshot them for later. There are also squat and ab challenges online you can screenshot and save to your phone as well. Although they might not be as effective as a full body workout, some movement is better than no movement.

4. Pack healthy snacks

I’m not going to say don’t pig out on vacation because come on--you’re on vacation. But I do encourage you to pack snacks that won’t go bad so easily. Sea-salted popcorn, nuts, pretzels and cheese sticks are simple snacks you can place in your car when you’re out and about. Or if you’re going to stay at home all week fighting heartless in Kingdom Hearts 3, have snacks around your gaming couch along with water to keep yourself from binging at the sight of junk food.

5. Log Off

It’s really not a true vacation if you’re not disconnected from your phone. Many of us really are addicted to our phones, so it’s no surprise that constant social media use can harm our mental health, according to From “beach-ready” bodies to med school acceptance letters, social media users put their best foot forward. And on the outside looking in, it may seem like you are not doing nearly enough even though you’re just supposed to be on vacation. Put the scrolling and memes down for a week. Sure, you can check in periodically, but spring break is supposed to be a time where you’re making so many memories, you forget to check your phone.

Spring break is a time for rest and rehabilitation from a long two months of school. But make sure you are still taking care of your body even on your off days. Enjoy your vacation!


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