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Monday, Sep 25, 2023
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How to Party in College the Smart Way

Young adults partying in a night club. Provided by Maurício Mascaro,
Young adults partying in a night club. Provided by Maurício Mascaro,

If you’re anything like me, you like to have fun.

I come from a background of strict parenting and studying 24-7. So when I came to Mercer in 2015, freed from my parents’ leash, I was on the hunt for freedom. And freedom was ringing all weekend long at these college parties.

College parties aren’t like ordinary parties. First of all, there’s no food. There’s also no alcohol either because Mercer is a dry campus, and we the Cluster aren’t advocating any rule-breaking. Secondly, there are a couple of unsung rules when it comes to having fun at a college party. Don’t go in looking stupid. Here’s how to turn up at a college party the smart way.

1.Go with your friends

Who turns up alone, right? Although it’s perfectly okay to meet new people while at a party, if you want to guarantee that you’ll have fun, bring your friends. Your friends are the best hype crew. Ask your friends if they’d like to join and if they do, head down to the party together. Make sure you can see the friends you’ve walked in with every now and again while you’re partying. And when it’s time to go, make sure you all leave together.

2. Be inclusive

What’s more fun than meeting new people? Being with your friends is cool, but you don’t want to be that clique at the party. Make sure you make an effort to check out the scene. Talk to people and meet even more friends. If you see someone all by themselves or huddled uncomfortably in a corner talking to someone, don’t just stand there. Make an effort to check in on others. You acknowledging their presence could be all they need to start enjoying the party.

3. Check in on your friends

Even though you’re meeting new people, you still got to check in on your crew. After a few songs, see if your friends are having just as good a time as you are. If they aren’t, it’s probably time to find another party that’s actually worth attending.

Sometimes friends can have a little too much fun.  If you see your friend’s fun is taking away from other people having fun, kindly remind them to stop being so extra. And if they don’t comply, offer them a ride home. If you’re sober, of course.  

4. Treat yourself

As in, if you’re of age of responsibility, and you want to drink, treat yourself to a drink. A drink that you can see being made at the bartender’s place. A drink that’ll still allow you to be aware of your surroundings and check in on friends. Sometimes a stranger might want to treat you and pay for your drink. That’s cool too, but make sure you can see the drink being made.

The truth is, having fun at a party isn’t always easy when you know that so many things can go wrong. Friends lose each other, drinks can get spiked, people are placed in uncomfortable positions and vomit stinks.

But acknowledging the fact that things can go left at parties makes it easier to do things right. Going with friends, looking out for others, and being in the moment are things we do anyway when we want to have a good time at regular parties. Why not keep the same energy in college? Next time you head out to a frat party or a club downtown, don’t forget to party smartly.


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