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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

End of the year madlib, (plural noun)

Finally, after a (measurement of time) of (adjective) work, summer has arrived, and students could not be more (emotion)!

(Plural noun) all over campus cannot wait to (verb) to the beach for some serious (noun) and (noun). If you go, you must not forget to put on plenty of (noun) every (measurement of time), or you may (adverb) get a sunburn.

There are a few things you should always (verb) when going to the (place). For instance, you will need a (noun), a (verb ending in -ing) suit, and a (thing) to play with on the beach. If you intend to hunt for (plural noun), you will of course need to bring a (noun).

Above all, you must not forget to pack (plural noun).

If you have a (animal), it is important that you check the rules regarding such animals at the (noun) where you plan to stay.

While at the (place), you might (verb) a few (adjective) friends. In order to win them over, (verb) them a (noun) or two, and offer to go (verb ending in -ing) with them.

Of course, be (adverb) careful while you are on vacation. Do not (verb) for thirty (measurement of time) after eating. If you attend a (noun), do not leave your (noun) unattended.

Do not go anywhere with strangers unless you have your (noun) or a (noun) with you.

Also, it is important not to become dehydrated, so make sure to (verb) lots of (noun) and (verb) your skin.

You must also be careful while (verb ending in -ing), because rip (plural noun) can drag you to waters that are well above your (body part), where you could (verb) or even be eaten by (plural noun).

If you’re going with family, make sure to (verb) in a way that won’t make them (emotion). (Verb) your language and (verb) your tattoos. If you are bringing a (adjective) other, he or she might become (emotion) if you (verb) with other beach-bodies too much. This can be avoided by telling him or her how (adjective) and (adjective) he or she is.

Don’t let this to-do list concern you too much. The most important thing you can do at the (place) is to remember to have (noun) and to (verb).


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