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Monday, May 16, 2022
The Cluster is taking a break in publication throughout the summer. We'll see you again in the fall!

Arts & Culture


Clusterscopes: Defining your goals for the year with tarot

Welcome to a new decade, a new year and a new semester — and welcome back to Clusterscopes, biweekly horoscopes using tarot cards. Since we left for the holiday, we’ve survived several challenging astrological events. The last solar eclipse of the year hit the day after Christmas in the sign of ...

Arts & Culture

Five artists to look out for in 2020

This past decade has been a memorable one, especially in regards to music. Many songs quickly shot up the charts with their undeniable catchiness, variety and flair. Others became popular because of memes, or maybe they steadily crept their way into your Spotify playlist without you even realizing it. ...


Burned out in college? Here’s how you can recover

Last semester, I skipped more classes than I could count. I spent days on end in bed, feeling utterly drained, incapable of moving a muscle in the direction of my school work. I’d never felt a mental block that severe. My brain fog was impenetrable and my typical highly-motivated demeanor was nowhere ...


Deck the (res) halls: inexpensive holiday decorations guide

We know how stressful the holiday seasons can be between buying gifts, cooking an abundance of meals and studying for finals. That’s why we’re sharing with you 12 ways to decorate your dorm festively without breaking the budget — or Res Life’s rules! BUY   Christmas Tree Although a true evergreen ...

Arts & Culture

Christmas movies to watch this season

The holiday season is almost here, bringing with it the tide of holiday films that go back decades. With so many films to watch, it raises the questions of which movies should be on your list this holiday season? The Christmas Chronicles Released in 2018, “The Christmas Chronicles” stars Kurt Russell, ...

Arts & Culture

Review: Disney+ just isn’t worth it yet

At one point, streaming services existed to make television more accessible for cheaper prices. Now, they are just replacing cable packages, with every network creating its own independent platform for its content to be viewed. Disney recently launched another of these services, Disney+, and though ...

Arts & Culture

Mercer Artist: Freshman plunges into the music world

The music world is vast and ever-changing, making it the perfect place to create and inspire. Freshman Michael “Micha” Williams isn’t necessarily new to the scene, but he’s curating new music that’s appealing to many students here at Mercer. “Music has been a big part of my life for the ...


How (and why) to spice up your LinkedIn profile

Believe it or not, fall is the most important time of year for securing your first job post-graduation. Even if you’re not set to graduate this May, it’s always a good idea to establish and maintain a professional online presence. LinkedIn puts the “networking” in “social networking,” and ...

Arts & Culture

Review: Misterwives bloom again

Two years after the release of their last album “Connect the Dots,” Misterwives dropped an EP that allows the entire band to shine. Misterwives is most known for their songs “Reflections” and “Our Own House” from their debut album released in 2015. In 2014, Misterwives opened for Twenty ...


Clusterscopes: You are in control of what you experience

Are you feeling stagnant? As though you’re at the mercy of circumstance? That’s a theme I’m noticing in my reads and my interactions with others lately — it’s common to feel like a victim of the tumultuous world we live in. For that reason, I want to talk this week about receptive versus projective ...


Mercer student becomes a lifestyle blogger

Meet Ebonye Smith: second-year electrical engineering major, golfer of 10 years, orange juice and dystopian novel addict and lifestyle blogger. And she’s only just getting started.  Self-described as witty, sassy and genuine, Smith has been blogging since the summer after her senior year of high ...

Arts & Culture

Mercer Artist: Poet Kate Lemon is writing about you

Kate Lemon wasn’t a poet until her freshman year of college. She started writing at the request of late Mercer professor and Guggenheim Fellow Anya Silver after turning in an essay for her introductory poetry class. Lemon said she has since “fallen in love” with poetry, drawing inspiration from ...

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