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Monday, Jul 4, 2022
The Cluster is taking a break in publication throughout the summer. We'll see you again in the fall!


Campus News

Mercer to participate in White House vaccine challenge

Mercer officially joined the COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge last Thursday, according to the university. The school will participate in the program at the request of the White House and the U.S Department of Education.The College Vaccine Challenge advocates for colleges and universities around the ...


Tips for landing the perfect internship during a pandemic

If you had an internship offer revoked last summer as COVID-19 swept the world, you’re not alone: a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey in May 2020 found that 22% of employers rescinded internship offers due to the pandemic. Nearly a year later, the United States economy still hasn’t ...

Campus News

Mercer students vaccinated in COVID-19 health efforts

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out around the United States, some students and faculty at Mercer have been offered the opportunity to get vaccinated against the virus. Throughout the Columbus, Macon and Savannah campuses, medical teams have received vaccinations from their regional health districts in Columbus, ...


Finding inspiration after losing it

Living in a world permeated by COVID-19 has affected many areas of our lives. Our health, education and occupations have changed in some capacity, making many of us wonder what is next. This sort of questioning has affected the way in which many people go about their lives. Uncertainty leads to a lack ...

Campus News

Mercer approved for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Mercer Medicine will begin distributing COVID-19 vaccines in Macon, likely in the next few weeks, according to a campus-wide email from university President Bill Underwood Thursday. The Georgia Department of Public Health approved the university to distribute the vaccine once sufficient doses are available. “Navigating ...


OPINION: Biden should press for a second lockdown

This is an opinion article. Any views expressed belong solely to the author and are not representative of The Cluster. The emergence of COVID-19 in the United States over a year ago sent average daily life grinding to a halt. Because of the speed at which the virus spreads and the damage it can do, ...

Campus News

CAPS addresses new mental health needs due to COVID-19

About a fifth of students visiting Mercer’s Office of Counseling and Psychological Services have sought counseling specifically because of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on their life, data kept by CAPS shows, underscoring the additional mental health challenges COVID-19 has caused at colleges ...


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