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Friday, Mar 31, 2023

Check, Please! Bearfoot Tavern

Cherry Street in downtown Macon boasts several local bars and eateries with great variety for patrons to enjoy.  A new and hip place, located at the end of Cherry Street, has recently opened up to attract college students and young locals.  As most businesses in Macon, Bearfoot Tavern and its staff utilize an aura that mimics our own of Mercer University, with matching decorative colors and staff dressing patterns.
For those searching for a good bar be forewarned that Bearfoot Tavern possesses little of the qualities you seek.  While the tavern gives off an atmosphere of a sports bar with a daunting amount of televisions (I counted almost 30) I could not help but feel a sense of personal attachment to my guest.  A bar’s atmosphere never gives off that sensation.  A small bar at Bearfoot Tavern is open to the public, but most seating takes place in booths with personal television and quaint lighting.  That is where the magic happens.  American society has become enamored with television, and since I was with two ladies, the personal choice of what to watch became short comedies on Fox.  A sports bar would never give such freedom!  Just as easily, however, if I went instead with a group of my buddies we could have chosen any game we wanted to watch.  For these personalized reasons, Bearfoot Tavern provides a location for a wide variety of guests ranging from meetups, first time dates, to the boys (and girls) starting a night out adventure.
Atmosphere:  Cozy and Diverse
I have been critical of some places in the past for poor menu presentation.  Unfortunately, Bearfoot Tavern is no exception.  While diversity of menu is important, I cannot emphasize how important it is to patrons that we be able to have a visual experience with a menu.  The management at Bearfoot Tavern, like many other restaurants, should cut out the long explanations of their meals and train the staff to explain what each item on the menu consists of.  This lowers frustration and confusion within the customer’s choice encourages engagement with the staff.  This is why I always ask staff waiters to suggest which meal I should enjoy to see if they know anything about their menu.  Lucky for me, my lovely waitress suggested a meal called the “Double Dip Frenchy.”  I will speak more to that later.  The point to be taken here is that the management and staff are working very hard to build strong rapport with its customers.  It just needs to make a simpler menu for the customers.
Management: Hard working and Enthusiastic

To start off the night, my guests and I enjoyed a home blend of chili served over tater tots.  Any good Georgian will tell you that both of these foods are staples in the Southern diet.  Together, they are virtually unstoppable.  The chef serves up the dish with green onions and shredded cheddar cheese.  A little sour cream would not have hurt, but I’m sure I could have received sour cream had I asked. Now, I have eaten some good sandwiches in my day, and then last night I had the “Double Dip Frenchy”.  Simplicity often times trumps complexity, and this dish is no exception.  What seemed like an endless amount of Roast beef on a French baguette with a slice of cheese served au jus.  The flexibility of the baguette complimented the manner in which to dip the sandwich while the tenderness of the roast beef amazed my taste buds.  I chose, unusually, to compliment the meal with salty steak fries that went well with the dipping sauce (no ketchup necessary).  Alongside this fabulous meal was a well rounded, diverse drink selection.  Some local creations like the “Bearfoot Black and Orange” which consists of Guinness draught and Shock Top.  So if a local meal and home brew is what you are looking for…head down to Bearfoot Tavern with me as I will surely be back.
Food:  Unique and Exciting


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