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Monday, Jul 4, 2022
The Cluster is taking a break in publication throughout the summer. We'll see you again in the fall!

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

How dance groups on campus are coping with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted several different areas of Mercer’s campus life, and social distancing has changed the way many of Mercer’s arts, sports and clubs function. Also affected are Mercer’s dance teams, which have had to make major adjustments in their returns to practicing and performing. When ...

Arts & Culture

Mercer Artist: Kennedy Rayford and the art of love

For Mercer sophomore Kennedy Rayford, “art is something that comes from you that you’re proud of,” and, in Rayford’s case, she’s creating a lot of art. On top of majoring in psychology on the pre-med track, Rayford is multitalented: she dances, acts, plays multiple instruments and writes ...


Here’s everything your sex ed class didn’t cover

Well over half -- 65% -- of Americans have their first sexual encounter by the age of 18, according to reproductive rights group Guttmacher Institute. But in a country where high school sexual education classes usually fail to include key issues such as consent, contraception, general sexual wellness ...


I tried no social media for a week

We live in the digital age. It is rare to come across someone who doesn’t have some form of social media. While apps like Instagram and Twitter can be useful for keeping us in touch with our loved ones, they are also notoriously breeding grounds for insecurity as we compare ourselves to the highlights ...

Arts & Culture

The roadmap to Macon art gallery hopping

Macon is known for nourishing several musical legends, including the Allman Brothers Band, Little Richard and James Brown. However, the visual arts are also blooming in the city, and you can find locations to view them less than a 15-minute drive from Mercer. Check out the following locations and get ...


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