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Friday, Mar 1, 2024
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Five Rules for Football Season

Football season is a great time to get together with friends and cheer for your favorite team. However, planning the perfect watch party can be stressful and can take a lot of work. So here are five things to remember when throwing a rocking football watch party.   1. Location When thinking of a ...


Fall Fashion: Macon Edition

Fall is coming up soon and that means it is time for pumpkin spice lattes and fall fashions. However, Macon weather can change from day to day and what may seem to be a chilly morning quickly turns into a sweltering afternoon. Here are some guidelines to follow when dressing for fall in Macon. Layers An ...


5 Tips for Dorm Room Organization

Dorm rooms can be the ultimate canvas for a student’s creative outlet. However, these small spaces also need to be functional enough to handle everyday student life. The key to mixing style and purpose is utilizing proper organizational skills that will make your space feel like home. 1. Think Vertically ...


Bear Bites: I Ate All Fifteen Burgers in Macon Burger Week

Macon Burger Week was an event that brought people out to local restaurants by offering specialty burgers for only $5. Fifteen different restaurants participated in the event, so there were 15 different burgers to try. I ate all 15 of the burgers in one week. It was a difficult challenge, but I was ...


How to Party in College the Smart Way

If you’re anything like me, you like to have fun. I come from a background of strict parenting and studying 24-7. So when I came to Mercer in 2015, freed from my parents’ leash, I was on the hunt for freedom. And freedom was ringing all weekend long at these college parties. College parties aren’t ...


How to start the semester off strong

Ready or not, the beginning of fall semester is here! By now you’ve (hopefully) figured out where your classes are located, ordered your textbooks and are working on fixing your sleeping schedule. While the first week of classes may seem easy, it’s never too early to prepare yourself for what the ...


Five things I wish I knew before starting college

Congratulations! You graduated high school and are preparing to begin the journey that is college. Knowing you’re about to leave home and experience something completely new can be daunting. While the internet is full of tips and tricks to make the collegiate experience easier, those articles are ...


How to fight homesickness this fall

As the semester begins it is easy to also begin to miss your homelife. Being away and out of your usual surroundings can be frightening and uncomfortable for many people. You are experiencing homesickness. What is important to remember about homesickness is that everyone has it at one point during college. ...


Moody Musings: Being undeniably yourself

I’ve written a couple of back-to-school articles that were designed to provide insight and advice, but I struggled to settle on what to share with readers this year. It’s year four, and while I am full of excitement about the finish line, I can't help but think back on what really heightened my ...

The Setonian

Where in the world did bears go this summer?

Over the summer, some Mercer students participated in many different internships, study abroad programs and research fellowships. Here are a few who represented the Mercer family by working all over the world. Joshua Dupaty - Research at Eastern Carolina University Joshua Dupaty participated in ...


How to Get Involved With Mercer's LGBTQ Community

One way to get involved with Mercer’s LGBTQ community is through Mercer’s gay/straight alliance Common Ground. The club is an activism group for LGBTQ students on Mercer’s campus as well as a support group for members to discuss pressing issues in the LGBTQ community. “You get really close ...


How to help a friend who’s just had a mental breakdown

Maybe all your finals are open-note. Maybe your parents just randomly sent you shopping money. Maybe you’re an underclassman and have a place to live on campus. But, maybe you have a friend that’s not as blessed and highly favored. In college, you’ll meet people that are doing financially, academically, ...


How to transition from college to the real world

The semester is almost over, finals are days away and your college career is ending. Graduation time is a crazy mix of emotions, including fear and uncertainty. How does one leave the campus they’ve grown used to for years and enter the “real” world? Regardless if you have landed a job or not, ...


How to recover from a mental breakdown

There are two types of people on a college campus: people that have cried themselves to sleep, punched a wall, ripped a pillow, slept through all their classes for the day and then there are weird people. It’s the end of the semester. We have to worry about grades, housing, applying to grad school, ...


Bear Bites: Ricky’s Tacos

Food, at the end of the day, does not depend on ornaments and circumstance to make it great. Sometimes, the best food is that which is unpretentious, tasty and affordable. Ricky’s Tacos is a reminder of that. Ricky’s Tacos,which consists of a couple of small buildings and two picnic tables located ...


The Basic Keys to Success: Internship Style

It’s that time of the year when us students are profusely searching for internships and summer jobs. Once the position is secured, what comes next? Much emphasis is placed on finding an internship or summer job, interviewing for it and being selected to participate. Most internships provide training ...


How to relax before finals week

We are just a few short weeks away from the dreaded finals week which can be the most stressful time of the year for some college students. This time around, try to prepare yourself so that finals week can be easier or at least less stressful. There are many ways to do this, and in the following, you ...


Start packing for the summer sooner rather than later

I used to distinguish a single junk drawer as the keeper of the miscellaneous debris littering my room. I would shove the things I didn’t have the heart to throw away (old notecards, dried-out pens, forgotten nail polish) deep into the bowels of this drawer with the understanding I would never have ...


Bear Bites: Sumo Steak & Sushi

Macon, Georgia is full of restaurants serving foods from different cultures, from street tacos to sushi. While these restaurants vary in authenticity, there are certainly enough options to create genuine competition. One contender for the best hibachi and sushi is the restaurant Sumo. On 3850 Riverside ...

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